Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MPD Gets Grant for Stop Sticks

The Mobile Police Department recently received a generous gift from the House of Representatives. The funds, appropriated through the Executive Commission on Community Service Grants and presented by Rep. Jamie Ison, will be used to purchase 14 sets of stop sticks. Stop sticks are used by law enforcement officers to safely and abruptly end high-speed chases by deflating the tires of the vehicle being pursued.

“I feel strongly about law enforcement and their role in the community and I’m just pleased that I could assist the department in purchasing needed equipment,” said Rep. Ison of the gift to the Department. Interim Chief of Police Lester Hargrove extends his gratitude to Rep. Ison and the entire House of Representatives, “The equipment purchased with the funds secured by Rep. Ison will help us protect the citizens of Mobile while keeping our officers safe. I am very grateful for such a generous gift.”

Jamie Ison represents the 101st District, Mobile County.